Ahoy and Welcome to Jolly Roger Kayaks

Jolly Roger Kayaks is an independent brand, well known for great designed, high quality performance kayaks.


Manufactured at the same state of the art facility as such world renowned paddle sport brands as Point 65 Sweden and RTM. The facility is amongst the most modern and advanced on the planet. Jolly Roger Kayaks has made a tremendous investment in advanced designed, manufacturing processes, modern world-class equipment and on-hand inventory to support customers on a worldwide basis.

Polyethylene kayaks  
Rotomolded polyethylene is known as the superior way to produce kayaks by providing virtually unlimited flexibility in terms of design and shape, giving rotomolding a significant advantage over thermoforming and blow molding techniques. Innovative and technically advanced rotomolded boats are typically found only in high-end products.

Jolly Roger Kayaks provides a wide range of designs at unprecedented value. Paddlers around the world can now enjoy great kayaks at an affordable cost.



Fair winds! Jolly Roger